What is 'Amari'?

Prior to founding Amari in 2011, we had the privilege of spending time in Lira, Uganda working with an aid organization, Children of the Nations. They do incredible work empowering widows and orphans in their communities. While we were there, we picked up a sprinkling of Luo, the local language. 

And love is the perfect word to embody everything we do. The love and dedication we pour into the imagery we capture for you. The love you have for each other. And we hope you feel the love every moment of your wedding day. 


“There were good vibes and positivity everywhere!


Not only did the team give off great confidence, but they were also some of the most kind people we've ever met!”

A Good Day With Good Vibes

As we see it, your job is to remain focused on each other, your loved ones, and why you're there. After all, when you're fully present, we get the best content. And that's why, you'll never find us rushing you around.

Rather than intruding on your moments by staging or posing you, we let them unfold as they naturally would. And then we capture them in a real and genuine way, so when you look back you'll truly feel like you.

“To be honest, I barely noticed they were there and I mean that in the best way! They incorporated themselves with the guests without being too in your face with the camera.”

Kim and Laeth


Some couples want their photographers and filmmakers to be an extension of their bridal party and other times they want them to fade into the background.

With us, you have a team who knows when to step in and out of each role.

Feeling nervous and need a hype team at the beginning of your day? We'll crush it. Need some help on what to do with your hands? Just call us Obi-Wan [Ed. note: We've been trying so hard throughout the site to not let our nerd show. Just please give us this one small reference 🙏]. Want to dance the night away with your best friends? We'll disappear from your line of vision. And we do it all with that warm, easygoing personality you would find in a close friend.

“The final product was INSANE!


We have no idea how they so beautifully and perfectly tied the whole day up into a 6 minute video. It brings us back immediately to that day. Booking Amari was one of the best decisions we could have made! We are forever grateful!”

As a creative studio with high standards for quality and talent, our portfolio is a reflection of that in itself. But what really speaks loudly is how we achieve that quality behind the scenes, starting with our founder, Dave. After studying music composition and business in college, Dave married the two fields to create the reputation and style Amari is known for today.

Made up of visual artists who understand the value and creativity we bring to the table, we believe you deserve top quality- and we promise to provide you with nothing less. With nearly 12 years of experience, we will ensure your films look timeless, so 40 years from now you'll be so engulfed in your story you won't want to touch the remote.


When it comes to your wedding day, you have the final say. While we offer insight and guidance, this day is about you and your vision.

This is your chance to commission real artists to create truly stunning imagery featuring the best day of your life. After you inquire we will get on the phone with you and listen to every detail of the vibe you're going for. Then prepare to be blown away, because after the wedding day you'll watch your favorite memories come to life. Through carefully curated music, sound, and truly impactful imagery- exactly the way you envisioned it, and maybe even better.


“The quality of their work speaks for itself.
We wanted our wedding video and photos to be the best they can be, and we got just that.”




Happy Couples


Wedding Crashers

Rings Dug Out of the Trash






“A true work of art

They really took our preferences and made it into a true work of art! Amari captured the day as it was with all its details and intimate moments.”