It starts with a meeting. Whether you know exactly what you want, or you’re not even sure you want a video at all, we’ll sit down and dream with you. Together, we’ll storyboard, discuss our different options (as well as the time and cost associated with each of them), and eventually land on a project that fits both your vision AND your budget.

Case Study: San Diego Symphony

When we met with the San Diego Symphony, they knew they wanted a film that featured various members of the organization discussing the upcoming season. Sounds like a pretty standard film, right? Well, we asked ourselves how we could begin and end the film in a way that would captivate, invigorate, and motivate the viewer. (Ok full disclosure, we did not mean for each of those adjectives to rhyme, but it does have a nice ring). Anyways! The following film was premiered at Copley Symphony Hall during a presentation by the CEO to the Symphony’s biggest supporters:

Now, let’s talk about your project.

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