Hi there! We're a team of
cinematographers, designers, editors, & dreamers
that make up
Amari Productions!


First & foremost: we love to tell a good story.

Like this one. We’ll call it, “Lawrence of Arabia”. What’s that? Ok, I’m being told that title is already taken. Well… we’ll think of something else later. Anyways, our story begins a long time ago, in a galaxy far – ok, I’m being told that’s also taken. Fine. Start over. We opened shop in 2011 with a pretty simple idea: Let’s make videography something worth investing in.

Here’s what we came up with.

First, be cool.

Whether it’s your wedding, or your commercial, we’re going to be spending a lot of time side by side with you, which we LOVE. And we want to make sure you do too. So, we keep it light and candid. For weddings: No prom poses. No, “ok, now lift your chin a bit and rotate your head slightly counterclockwise.” Gross. For Commercial, No crazy diva directors. Nervous in front of the camera? Don’t sweat it. Well get you loosened up! We also like to help out wherever we can. Need help tying a tie? We got you. Need help tying a bow tie? Ok, that’s a bad example because we actually have no clue how to tie one of those things. But, we will load up a tutorial video on our phone and say a prayer for you! (UPDATE: I FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT! It turns out, it’s the same knot as your shoelaces. I know, right? Why don’t any of those YouTube videos just say “tie your shoe around your neck”?)

Second, care for the details.

The details within your film matter. You may not notice any of them the first time you watch it, or even the tenth time around. But that’s the thing, your film will be viewed approximately 1 billion times (+/- 27). Whether it’s the hundredth time you’ve watched your wedding film, or the hundredth potential client watching your commercial, every little thing will get noticed. And you know what? We can’t wait for that! Because we comb over every single shot, correcting color, exposure, composition, and the list goes on!

Finally, create.

This is the big one. We can’t just be cinematographers, and we can’t just be editors. We can’t just recycle the same template of shots and cuts, time after time. We need to do something more. We need to create a final product that’s unique, and worth viewing over and over. We need to tell a good story.

“By the way, where does ‘Amari’ come from?”

Short Answer: It means “I love you” in Luo.

And what is Luo? Well, both Dave and Mariah have had the privilege of spending some time in Lira, Uganda working with Children of the Nations. Our church has partnered with this organization for a number of years because of the incredible work they do empowering widows and orphans in their communities. While we were there, we picked up a sprinkling of Luo, the local language.

We’ve also recently had the privilege of working with The Chisomo Idea in Lilongwe, Malawi. We took a group of about 15 college kids and gave them a 2 week crash course on videography, editing, and running a small business. We then left over there a set of donated equipment, so that they could start better documenting the great work and beautiful stories that The Chisomo Idea is a part of.

Alright, let’s pencil in a coffee date.

(They’re our favorite.)